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Self-guided therapy sessions

5-minute audios with techniques to help you when you need it

Track your progress

Statistics monitoring your progress and indicators to understand the skills you are learning

Track your progress

Statistics monitoring your progress and indicators to understand the skills you are learning

Mindfulness and relaxation

to learn how to be in the present moment and improve your relationship with yourself

What do our users think?

Personally, I love how the programs can get exclusively personalized for you, it’s fantastic. I love how unique and real these programs are. I recommend the app. It has reassured me a lot and it works perfectly.

Arleth M.

It is worth every minute invested. Thank you.

Claudia R.

Thanks a lot; apps like this certainly make the world better. Thanks to all the team behind it.

Luis C.

Excellent app. It’s easy to use. Without a doubt, the possibility of use at any time and in such a clear way was needed. Great idea.

Carlos S.

A very helpful app. The first and most complete with this type of care. Delighted


I just discovered it and I absolutely love it. It’s a great psychological support during stressful moments.

MaJosé J.

I think this is a good initiative and a good complement for personal development. I have started to test it on the way to work and the interface is very intuitive. I think it is perfect for all those who don’t have the necessary resources to attend face-to-face therapy (time/money) and even those who already attend and want to complement it.

Inma G.

To me, this is a very good and practical initiative. Life can be challenging, and we might not have the time and/or resources to get help through counseling or therapy, and it is good for all of us even if it is only to help manage the little thing or day-to-day stress, to have access to tools in an app that are quick and easy to use.

Vicky H.

Is Serenmind for me?

Serenmind is aimed at people who are going through difficult situations, dealing with day to day stressors, and those suffering from feelings of anxiety or depression.

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Why does this work?

Serenmind is the result of years of research on online therapies
Our psychological therapies are based on techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Positive Psychology strategies, which are scientifically validated
Behind it, is a team of psychologists led by Rosa Baños and Cristina Botella, full professors of psychology at the University of Valencia and Castellón

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