Do you know some of the 7 benefits you can get from loneliness?

If we were to ask, most people would agree that loneliness is an unpleasant state, which is often accompanied by a feeling of emptiness and social inadequacy. Being alone, many people feel removed from the safety, support, and comfort that the social groups provide.

However, many illustrious figures in history have classified loneliness as a space for self-knowledge, a zone for personal growth.

“Loneliness is the empire of conscience” -Gustavo Adolfo B√©cquer-

So, is loneliness really a state to flee from?

Perhaps the answer lies more in the personal experience of loneliness. A person who has no choice but to be alone and feels isolated is not the same as a person who chooses to separate from others to have a moment for themself. In the second case, it is more likely that there are positive effects, of which, we are not usually very aware.

7 benefits you can get from loneliness


7 benefits you can get from loneliness


1. It is a good time for reflection

When we are alone, we don’t have to pay as much attention to external stimuli and we can focus more on ourselves. For this reason, we listen to our thoughts and identify our emotions more clearly.

2. We have more freedom

When we are surrounded by other people, we are inevitably aware that we are being watched. This, by itself, tends to restrict us, and we end up adapting our behavior to align with that of others. Therefore, when we are alone, we can act authentically, without fear of being judged.

3. It is an important part of autonomy

It is a fundamental part of human growth, to develop a healthy sense of autonomy that allows us to function as individuals. When we are alone, we have the opportunity to see how we function without depending on others and to learn to adapt to situations we may not know how to navigate otherwise.

4. Increase in personal performance

According to the theories of facilitation and social inhibition, people perform better alone when faced with tasks that require a lot of attention. Performance anxiety melts away.

5. It favors the creative process

Solitude gives us the perfect opportunity to let creativity flow. Working alone has been shown to improve concentration and freedom of thought, which are essential elements for successful development of the creative process.

6. It can be a form of rest

A time of separation can prevent us from becoming too saturated with social overstimulation. This, in turn, allows us to further indulge in the time we spend with others.

“Loneliness is sometimes the best company, and a short retirement brings a sweet return” -John Milton-

7. We can better understand who we are

Some studies conclude that, through loneliness, we can have a better understanding of ourselves and our priorities. This is especially important, especially considering the great influence that social groups have on how we define ourselves as individuals.

In short, these are the 7 benefits that you can get from being alone for a while.

So contrary to what may be popular belief, we can obtain many benefits from that loneliness sought in solitary activities, such as meditation, writing, or reading, among others, which provide us with very valuable and necessary time with ourselves.

7 benefits you can get from loneliness


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